Camp Grizzley – FAQs

Where can I ask questions about rules?
There is an active community of players on the BoardGameGeek Forum who would be overly joyed to answer your questions.

Where can I buy the Miniatures
Mini’s can be purchased HERE.  Since they are small batches of hand made mini’s, quantities are limited.

Is it too late to purchase expansion packs
After the expansions have been distributed to the Kickstarter backers, they will be for sale

When will you distribute in Europe
We ship individual games to Europe on our Sales Page.
As for large distribution, we are a small game company and currently don’t have the infrastructure, though we are looking into it.

When will the expansion packs be available
The expansions packs are in the art phase. Though we don’t have an exact date, rest assured that YES, they are moving forward.

Questions about Billing and Shipping?
Please contact us using our Contact Form